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Pleasanton, California

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Launched in January 2020, XSilico LLC is a company based in Silicon Valley, California. It provides IT consultancy, business development, web presence, media production, and marketing services. We listen to our clients and come up with the custom solutions for their business. We support the execution of the plan until we get it done and it is time for them to think about further expansion. 




From web design to e-commerce XSilico can provide the best solution for your company.


We will create and execute a road map that incorporates the marketing channels your company needs to expand your market and keep costumers coming back.


Bring your business to the next level. We will make the connections you need to make your vision a reality.





Alfredo Metere

Founder and CEO

I am a computational research scientist in my day job, but I have 20 years of professional experience in IT, business management and marketing consultancy, web design, web development, system administration, graphic design, and media content creation. I worked as a consultant for mainly small, medium and sometimes large corporations. I like difficult challenges and I do not ever give up until a viable solution is in place. To have a business presence in Silicon Valley was one of the top items in my bucket list.

I am excited to collaborate with you!

Viviana Reverón

Founder and President

I have over 8 years of experience in  communications, content marketing, video production, and web development. I work in the nonprofit sector and have previous experience working in agencies and video production companies. I enjoy creating strategies to reach my goals and most importantly, the goals of my clients.

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